Change the way you operate your datacentre workloads

If you’re looking for easy-to-use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions, Tintri consistently meets the needs of the most demanding workloads found in datacentres. Their solutions are quick to deploy, simple to manage, and deliver faster insights.

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Trustmarque and Tintri

Our partnership has grown phenomenally over the last few years, with Trustmarque winning UK partner of the year, 2020. True to Tintri’s approach, Trustmarque is what they look for in a successful partnership – great technology supported by a fantastic working relationship.

Tintri solutions

By fundamentally changing the way you operate, Tintri’s solutions meets the demands of workloads and virtual machines (VM) found in most datacentres. You can speed development cycles, simplify management, consolidate databases, and predict your every need as you scale.

Tintri Virtualisation

Manage a multi-petabyte footprint and understand every virtual app’s real-time behaviour.

Tintri Vdi
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Deploy thousands of desktops and manage them without relying on storage experts.

Tintri Devops

Manage your DevOps footprint and rapidly spin up 100s of VMs for continuous development and testing.

Tintri Data Protection
Data protection and recovery

Safeguard the data across your all environments with automatic, flexible, policy-based data protection.

Tintri Databases

Consolidate and enhance performance with database-aware storage that accurately models resources.

Tintri Sql Integrated Storage
SQL integrated storage

Improve your visibility of SQL server performance and workload patterns to identify system bottlenecks.

Aws Analytics Data
Tintri analytics

Intelligent data management system’s simplifies workload management with autonomous operations.

Featured product: VMstore

The Tintri VMstore T7000 Series delivers NVMe driven performance and efficiencies, supporting up to 7,500 virtualised applications in just two rack units. It offers the kind of scalability, availability and security that you’d expect from an enterprise-grade system. AI-driven efficiency and optimisations set VMstore apart from traditional approaches.

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Be intelligent and reduce costs

VMstore systems deploy in minutes, self-optimise, and dynamically adapt to accommodate workloads by maintaining quality of service (Auto-QoS) for each virtual machine (VM). Autonomous operations and advanced real-time and predictive analytics consistently drive down storage management activities and costs – by as much as 95 per cent.

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