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Step out on your cloud journey with an expert partner who can help you navigate the options and complexities with ease. We can help you get started on the fundamentals and remove risks associated with migrating to the cloud through our fully funded Proof of Concept (PoC) – Cloud Runway.

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Your cloud roadmap to Azure

Get started with Azure and see your future more clearly with Cloud Runway. Through a fully funded exercise (depending on criteria), we’ll design a technical roadmap to give you peace of mind. View costs and requirements along the way, whilst we take care of governance and compliance.

Cloud Runway Assessment

We’ll use non-disruptive tools such as Azure Migrate, Block 64, and Dr. Migrate to understand your existing environment, servers, applications and network.

Cloud Runway Roadmap

Stage one’s tech info helps to create your cloud adoption roadmap, including factors such as commercials, team size, skills and business objectives.

Cloud Runway Landing Zone
Landing zone

The essential step on your cloud adoption journey, here we de-risk auditing and compliance scrutiny.

Cloud Runway Cloud Adoption
Cloud Adoption Framework workshop

We share Azure knowledge via the workshop, including planning, long-term skills adoption plan, business adoption plan and agile methodologies, DevOps and pipelines.

Cloud Runway Proof Of Concept
Proof of concept for key app migration

At no cost to you, we’ll deploy a copy of your key apps in the cloud to make sure everything works.


We’ll give you a thorough understanding of all your security, compliance, costs and resilience implications. Feel empowered with a complete plan, roadmap and budget to propel your move to the cloud. Along the way, our Azure experts will be there to guide you, with Microsoft and Trustmarque intelligence as standard.

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Why Trustmarque?

We are the cloud experts you’ve been looking for. Through years of working in cloud migration, we’ve built our Azure migration services with a library of code and resources to securely deploy cloud resources and migrate and modernise applications in the healthcare, research, government and financial sectors.

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