Software-defined networking

Ready for new levels of visibility and control on your network? Software-defined networking (SDN) uses advanced software applications to give you greater visibility over your internal architecture and a bird’s-eye-view over your whole network.

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All-in-one network upgrade

For multi-site, cloud-based businesses, the benefits of SDN are endless. By configuring your network centrally, you can weave in game-changing automation and security to make sure your network never misses a beat.

Software Defined Networking Simplify Operations
Simplify operations

Reduce complexity by separating the control and data feeds, while making automation highly secure and scalable.

Software Defined Networking Nuture Intelligent Networks
Nurture intelligent networks

Make your network work smarter not harder with analytics and predictive reporting.

Software Defined Networking Faster Time
Faster time to market

Launch apps and services at pace by tapping into APIs. Integrate third-party products seamlessly.

Software Defined Networking Future Foundations
Future foundations

Bring together configuration, management, control, monitoring, service delivery and cloud automation.

Software Defined Networking Seamless Security
Seamless security

Pinpoint vulnerabilities and stop attacks in their tracks with SDN.

Software-defined WAN solutions

Deliver high levels of app performance whether they are hosted in on-premises, in the cloud or SaaS services. A virtual WAN architecture allows you to combine any transfer services, such as broadband services, to securely connect your users to apps.

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Intelligent LAN/Wi-Fi solutions

Streamline your internal operations, connect your devices to your end users to improve their experiences. Our software-defined LANs enable centralised, reliable network management with smart monitoring and responsive diagnostics.

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