Hybrid cloud

Cloud versatility for whatever comes your way. Hybrid cloud uses a mix of infrastructures to run your user apps, computing, storage, and services, and allows you to increase capacity when you need it.

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Ready to flex and grow with hybrid cloud?

Gathering your separate datacentres together can become a huge project. By partnering with Trustmarque, we can assess your current set-up and help you build an achievable plan based on your goals and budget. We can show you how to:

Hybrid Cloud Holistic Cloud
Create a holistic cloud strategy

Hybrid Cloud Integrate Siloed Premises
Integrate siloed on-premises infrastructure, processes and systems

Hybrid Cloud Recify Fragmented Public Cloud
Rectify fragmented public cloud services and frameworks

Hybrid Cloud Existing Tools
Use existing tools and practices to avoid resource wastage

Hybrid Cloud Scale Up
Scale up without having to find space or buying additional servers

Upgrade your datacentre infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions create the foundation for your hybrid cloud environment. They’re solid and can cope with legacy systems and modern workloads. It connects your computer, storage, and management resources to a single server, forming a seamless, software-defined environment. By using containers, your HCI can underpin a developer-ready Kubernetes platform.

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Microsoft Azure and VMware solutions

When two tech giants combine forces, good things happen. Our deep understanding of both Microsoft’s and VMware’s solutions mean we’re in prime position to help you deliver applications with speed and agility. It’s how we support your innovation and growth plans for the better.

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