Managed Detection and Response Service

Ready for round-the-clock cyber security that detects, triages, alerts? Our next generation, cloud-native, managed detection and response (MDR) service is the answer. Built on Azure Sentinel, with Microsoft’s SIEM, EDR, and SOAR capabilities, it simplifies cyber with a supported SOC by Falanx.

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Advantages of cloud-based MDR

Designed to fit with your large Microsoft environments, products and solutions run seamlessly together. MDR supports most other security vendors across the cyber security ecosystem, and being Azure-based it comes with all the benefits and features of an ‘as-a-service’ solution.

Managed Detection Cyber Skills
Cyber skills gap

A shortage of skilled security analysts has driven a combination of outsourcing and automation. This service provides both.

Managed Detection Consolitdate

Opt for the efficiency of consolidating Microsoft tools such as Defender, MCAS and Azure Information Protection.

Managed Detection Cloud Native

As you become more agile and cloud orientated, you should expect the same of your SIEM.

Managed Detection Reduce Tools
Reduce tools

Managing tools for SIEM, SOAR and EDR can be expensive, difficult to integrate, and create inefficiency.

Azure Sentinel

Built on Azure Sentinel – Microsoft’s cloud-native industry-leading unified security platform. Azure Sentinel uses Fusion technology, providing scalable learning algorithms that detect and focus in on attacks.

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Falanx Cyber SOC partnership

Falanx Cyber has over 20 years’ experience of fighting cyber risks. Working with Falanx Cyber, we offer a complete 24×7 service which reduces the Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) to cyber security incidents down to seconds. Significantly reducing the cost, time and effort in dealing with any cyber attack.

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