Virtual desktops

The work-from-anywhere era is here to stay. With Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops and Windows 365, allow your users to work remotely from wherever they are, using personal or corporate devices to access corporate networks and applications securely.

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Microsoft virtual desktops

Ready to empower you teams with limitless access to your applications and files, wherever they choose to log on? We bring you cloud virtual desktop services that will help you stay ahead of the curve and support your flexi-workplace strategy.

Virtual Desktops Hybrid Working
Hybrid working

Facilitate seamless remote working with a log-on-from-anywhere attitude.

Virtual Desktops Flex Is Best
Flex is best

Scale up and down easily, and only pay for what you use.

Virtual Desktops Any Device
Any device

Choose a range of corporate or personal devices to keep everyone in the loop.

Virtual Desktops Secured

Azure’s built-in security capabilities proactively detect threats and instant alerts.

Delivering the impossible with Azure

Nottingham Health Informatics Services
Trustmarque helped us implement a novel VDI solution in Azure in just a few weeks by working in true partnership with an agile, collaborative approach and delivering a solution that many thought simply wasn’t possible.”
Mike Press, Chief Technical Officer at Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service (NHIS)

Flexibility: Azure virtual desktops

Get the job done on any device, any app, anywhere, in a safe and secure environment with seamless access to all your apps, services, data and collaboration points. A desktop-as-a-service solution powered by Microsoft Azure, AVD removes restrictions on the types of devices and software you use, giving you freedom to use what your people want.

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Simplicity: Windows 365

Streams the full Windows experience to any device, including apps, data, and settings from the Microsoft Azure platform. Tap into the personal cloud computing category Microsoft calls Cloud PC – a persistent desktop, accessible through any web browser or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

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