Trustmarque Support for your Cisco network

A reliable and powerful infrastructure technology is the backbone of your organisation. Outages and technology disruptions can result in downtime, loss of revenue, security risks, and frustrated colleagues. When things go wrong, it’s vital you have access to expert support.

Trustmarque Support For Your Cisco Network

Trustmarque Support at a glance

Technical Support
Technical support

Get peace of mind with 24/7 technology infrastructure support.

Software Updates
Software updates

Ensure security and feature quality with the most up to date software.

Optimal Performance
Optimal performance

Enhance your infrastructure's performance with tuning and optimisation.

Security Assessments
Security assessments

Find gaps and improve your security and minimise risks.

Configuration Deployment
Configuration and deployment

Optimise your infrastructure for specific business needs.

Training Education
Training and education

Maximise Cisco networking equipment by upskilling your users.

What is Trustmarque Support?

Trustmarque Support is built on by CISCO PSS (Partner Shared Services). We will help you to maximise the value of your Cisco networking equipment and ensure your infrastructure is running optimally. Our Service Desk provides you with the direct support you need.

What Is Trustmarque Support
Change hours/technical guidance
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Service management and reporting
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White Dot
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Device availability monitoring (up/down)
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White Tick
Network performance monitoring
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Release/configuration management
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Failover/resilience testing
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Problem management
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Security vulnerability management
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Capacity planning and reporting
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Compliance management
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Wireless AP LLW RMA coordination
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Network healthcare reporting
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Maintained, monitored, managed

As standard Trustmarque Support includes:

  • Incident management
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Replacement parts
  • Engineer to site
  • Access to vendor support

The table shows the available services.

Included with service level

Optional at additional cost

Cisco gold partner

Trustmarque is an accredited Cisco gold partner. Trustmarque Support is backed by PSS with our own additional benefits. It is designed to enable you to get the most out of your Cisco technology services and provides a customer-centric, flexible, creative and cost-effective support.

Cost Savings
Cost savings

Spend less and receive greater support when compared to other Cisco support services.

Faster Resolution Times
Faster resolution times

We rapidly respond to you by understanding your infrastructures and spares holdings.

Wider Access To Products
Wider access to products

Our distribution network provides a range of replacement parts when required.

Expertise Knowledge
Expertise and knowledge

Our expertise and knowledge ensures your issues get fixed faster, first time.

Local Support
Local support

Our onsite support minimises downtime and reduces the impact of technical issues.

Cisco Gold Partner
Cisco gold provider

Our gold provider status is complemented by our CX Specialisation and Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation.

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