Prism with Barracuda

Prism and Barracuda have worked together to create a unique M365 industry offering based on Barracuda’s award-winning M365 cloud-to-cloud backup solution.

This joint approach provides IT with a clear snapshot of user adoption and identifies opportunities for license optimisation. By delivering licence efficiency, resources and budget are often released to allow for reinvestment into new technologies and drive further IT innovation.

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What is Prism with Barracuda?

Prism with Barracuda is designed to improve the overall value of the M365 investment by providing customers with the ability to manage, back up and optimise quickly.

Prism is unique to Trustmarque and is designed to recognise ideal scenarios for user profiling and identify disabled and inactive users. When Prism with Barracuda is activated you can respond instantly and drive license optimisation by removing data retention blockers and move towards a seamless process.

Efficient license provisioning allows IT to optimise and secure investments, which liberates resources to innovate and accelerate into new technology offerings.

Protecting the public purse with Prism

It’s paid for itself already. It’s one of the most useful products that we’ve got. I feel that Trustmarque understands what we are trying to achieve and the pressures that local authorities face around budgets and resourcing.”
Cath Roby IT Business Analyst Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Derive maximum value from Barracuda with Prism

Barracuda’s cloud-to-cloud solution is recognised as the Cloud product of the year at the 2024 UK storage awards and is an M365 backup solution based on active users.

By having visibility of those active users, Prism for Barracuda can drive license efficiency seamlessly and ensure only relevant and active users are licensed, protecting all critical 365 data from ransomware and intentional/accidental deletion.

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Key benefits of Prism with Barracuda

  • No software or hardware to install: both technologies are SaaS and can be live in minutes
  • Free Prism 3-month trial: All Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud customers receive a 3-month trial
  • Realises true savings: Identifying savings through efficient license management and adoption

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By experiencing Prism’s value over 3 months for zero cost, you can develop your business case and seamlessly integrate the solution into your organisation without risk.

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