Cloud Data Insights

Draw valuable insights from your exiting data and bring in brand new data sources

Create a single data repository using Azure. Bring together your data from multiple sources such as SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets, flat files, Access databases, multimedia, social media and more. Our Cloud Data Insights data warehouse solutions will help you create a centralised repository of integrated data and unlock valuable business insights.

Trustmarque Cloud Insight

Cloud Data Insights

Unlock insights from your data to make predictions and data driven decisions using Azure data analytics tools. Put your data into a single data source, such as a data lake or Azure SQL, and expose to various data platform services to provide rich business insights.

Azure data warehouse solutions

Use Azure tools to collate all your data including unstructured data like multimedia or social media, to create a fuller picture of your organisation. Make the move to prescriptive and predictive data analytics to inform business decisions and achieve specific business goals in the future.

Create Single Data Source
Create single data source

See all your data in one place.

Make Dat Driven Decisions
Make data driven decisions

Discover informative insights in your data.

Apply Modern Paas Services
Apply modern PaaS services

Remove management and operational platform costs.

Employ Ai Machine Learning
Employ AI and machine learning

Speed up operations and automate processes.

Use Existing Databases Sql Investment
Use existing databases and SQL Investment

No need to migrate data to a new centralised database.

Utilise All Your Data Sources
Utilise all your data sources

Take data from everywhere no matter the file or source type.

Modern data services

Data tools vary depending on the size of your data. For small data sets Azure SQL is ideal, data lakes for non-relational data, and Synapse for large data sets. Azure Data Factory and SQL SSIS runtimes make more of your existing investments in SQL and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). You can also leverage Azure PaaS for AI and machine learning.

Modern Data Services

Discover Azure PaaS capabilities

With a funded proof of concept (PoC) you can test out the capabilities of Azure PaaS on your data to see what insights it holds. The PoC is tailored to your specific requirements and data sources. For example, we can take data from SQL, store it in an Azure SQL instance (using Azure Data Factory) and then use Power BI to generate reports and customisable dashboards.

Discover Azure Paas Capabilities

Cloud Data Insights

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