Azure Managed Services

Performance powered by Microsoft Running your apps and data in Microsoft Azure helps you innovate faster and accelerate your digital transformation. Azure Managed Services enhance what you offer to your customers by maintaining and improving the performance of your services, applications, and infrastructure.

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Benefits of Azure Managed Services

Our Azure Managed Services provide the skills, knowledge, and resources to deliver services to your users and customers. As a managed services provider, Trustmarque supplies expertise to solve your tactical and strategic needs, letting you focus on the key elements of your business.

Reduce operational costs
Reduce operational costs

Optimise costs and resources to meet demand and prevent service availability issues.

Careers Business Operations
Lower total cost of ownership

Apply best practice from the outset to advance your business operations and technology.

Education Trusted Partnership
A partnership approach

Accelerate technical and operational delivery, management, and business value of IT.

Azure lifecycle managed services

Core to our managed services ethos is a collaborative partnership approach. We give you the right organisational support to accelerate your business, operational and technical delivery, and management of your Azure service to drive business value.

Trustmarque Managed Services

Trustmarque’s Managed Services are designed to support organisations wherever they are in their Azure adoption and maturity journey. Our simple service packages provide ‘ready-made’ solutions to meet the needs of many organisations and delivered by one of the UK’s most accredited Microsoft partners, holding all seven Microsoft Solution Partner accreditations. Core to our managed services ethos is a collaborative partnership approach. We give you the right organisational support where you need it to accelerate your business, operational and technical delivery, and management of your Azure services to drive business value.

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Azure Eyes

An integrated set of tools and services that provides expert insights and oversight of your Azure subscriptions. Helping to improve performance and operations, save money and protect your services and investment, as well as providing limited reactive support for key Azure Platform Landing Zone components.

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Azure Eyes Premium

Designed for organisations needing additional support, enhancing Azure Eyes through the addition of proactive support and business-as-usual change activities for existing Azure resources and workloads.

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Azure Assured

Designed for organisations looking to out-task functions and services to a specialist Azure MSP to provide best practice services, controls and oversight, and acting as an extension of your IT organisation. Services extend to vulnerability assessments, patching and backup as well as services to continually advance and mature your organisations use of Azure and ensure that environments remain rightsized and optimised in-line with actual demands.

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Azure 'Tailor-made'

Addresses the individual needs of organisations through bespoke managed services designed to address the unique requirements of your organisation. Through our ‘tailor-made’ services we combine our standard service modules to fully meet the many, varied and complex organisational needs of your business.

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Which is the right Service Package for you?

Trustmarque’s Azure Service Packages are designed to meet the needs of most organisations. Use the following to help understand the services that might be right for you.

Primary Customer Use Cases Azure Eyes Azure Eyes ‘Premium’ Azure Assured Azure ‘Tailor-made’
Customers who are new to Azure or have limited breadth and depth of skills
Customers looking to understand, predict and control their Azure spend across their workloads
Customers looking for Microsoft CAF and WAF aligned controls and practices  
Customers looking for adhoc or escalated support    
Customers looking to advance and mature their Azure adoption and digital transformation
Customers looking for an extension to their IT organisation  
Customers looking to out-task Azure functions, services and responsibilities    
Customers looking for enhanced or specialist services    
Customers looking for a bespoke set of services to meet their specific organisational needs, whether hybrid or in the cloud      

Our Microsoft designations

Investing time and resources in achieving Microsoft’s designations demonstrates our commitment to your success. We are outcome obsessed and assure results for people like you when we deploy Microsoft’s world-leading intelligent, cloud-first, digital technologies.

Microsoft Digital And App
Digital and App Innovation (Azure)

Trusted to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on premises, and at the edge, with tools and frameworks.

Microsoft Security 2

Trusted to help you safeguard your entire organisation with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions.

Microsoft Data And Ai
Data and AI (Azure)

Trusted to advise you to manage data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions.

Microsoft Insfrastructure
Infrastructure (Azure)

Trusted to migrate key infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure, with specialisms in Windows server, SQL migration and AVD.

Microsoft Modern Work
Modern Work

Trusted to boost your productivity and make the shift to hybrid work seamless by using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Business Applications
Business Applications

Trusted to support customer outcomes in Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

Trustmarque, your Azure Managed Services partner of choice

With a longstanding partnership with Microsoft, a full team of technical subject matter experts, all six Microsoft cloud designations, and ISO and Cyber Essentials+ you can rest assured you are in skilled hands. Our Azure Managed Services are built to bridge your skills, time, and resources gap, driving innovation and delivering excellence.

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