Prism by Trustmarque

Data-informed decisions to give you greater visibility over your IT estate. Prism is Trustmarque’s digital intelligence platform that shines a light on unnecessary costs you may be incurring. It unlocks a crystal-clear view of your IT assets.

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Prism’s platform tiers

Prism’s dashboards provide an executive-level view of your IT estate easily without needing a working knowledge of the tools and portals to produce the reports. Prism is categorised into a series of tiers known as lite, core, advanced and plus. These tiers are designed to support either a tool or dataset to give relevant information based on the data available.

Prism Lite
Lite – visibility

Provides dashboards to support visibility of assets within the estate.

Prism Core
Core – governance

Additional dashboards highlight licenses and contracts uploaded into the platform to allow for estate governance.

Prism Advanced
Advanced – optimise

Highlight potential cost savings based on common targets for an ITAM practice.

Prism Plus
Plus – transformation

Provides support with the transformation of the estate, measuring success, and making better business decisions all in one.

Protecting the public purse with Prism

It’s paid for itself already. It’s one of the most useful products that we’ve got. I feel that Trustmarque understands what we are trying to achieve and the pressures that local authorities face around budgets and resourcing.”
Cath Roby IT Business Analyst Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Prism for M365

Prism for M365  is designed to support the visibility of your Microsoft 365 suite of products. The platform gives you usage information, helps realise cost avoidance and wastage, and highlights any potential savings. It also supports the ability for virtual tenants within a single tenant for a breakdown of allocation and cost.

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Prism for Azure

Prism for Azure uses raw feeds of data from your Azure software so you can monitor usage and optimise costs to keep your business running smoothly. Using our dashboards, Prism pinpoints where you can become more efficient and ensure your spending is also under control.

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