Global technology partners

A global innovation network, ready to be mobilised to tackle your IT challenges. We have strong relationships with the biggest technology partners in the world. Together, we can turn your technology visions into reality.

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Choosing a global technology partner with Trustmarque

With so much choice, it can be difficult to understand the solution you need and when you'll need it. Off-the-shelf products might tick the box, but understanding and implementing them can be an obstacle. We can help you choose wisely.

Partners Recommendations

Recommendations when renewing or updating existing software

Partners Product Knowledge

Product knowledge and licensing management

Partners Implementation

Implementation services and user adoption

Partners It Environment

IT environment assessments and gap analysis

Partners Current Vendor

Is your current vendor or reseller not providing an adequate service?

Strategic technology partners

Why are Microsoft, Cisco and Dell Technologies our strategic partners? As global technology giants they are integral in all of our day-to-day lives.

Microsoft is ingrained in the modern workplace – with products like Teams and Office 365 being used by millions of users every day. The diverse range of products and solutions from other market leaders like Cisco and Dell Technologies underpin many organisations’ vital networks and infrastructures.

Empowering partnerships

We give you an unbiased, transparent answer to your technology questions, based on the right technology, at the right time, and at the right cost. We do this from our wide and varied network of partners, experts in the fields of cyber, datacentre, automation and modern workplace.

Cloud solutions
Cyber security
Datacentre and storage
Digital workplace and automation
Data and analytics
Enterprise Connectivity

Reducing Microsoft licensing overspend in the NHS with Prism

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When you ask around the NHS Departments, they are all facing the same problem: it is hard to determine an accurate picture of how many employees Vs licenses are needed and the buffer zone.”
Environment Manager and Prism client

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