Prism for Azure

We know that moving to new cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, brings new hurdles. But we’re here to help you identify and control costs, so you can focus on what matters to you and your teams.

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Discover and uncover

In 2022 our technology asset management team helped our customers identify savings excess of £8m. Using Prism for Azure’s intelligent dashboards, we’ll show you how to use your raw data to uncover hidden or obscured reporting. The key features of Prism for Azure are:

Prism For Azure Visibility

Complete visibility of your Azure resources, to see where the usage is up to.

Prism For Azure Analysis

Live reporting of detailed usage, trend forecasting and spend analysis.

Prism For Azure Governance

Interwoven with governance and compliance recommendations.

Prism For Azure Cost

Intelligent enough to give cost optimisation recommendations.

Prism For Azure Users

Unlimited user accounts for you team so that everyone can contribute.

Reducing Microsoft Licensing Overspend in the NHS with Prism

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Prism has given us the visibility into that dark closed-off area of not knowing exactly how many users are active within Office 365. It is data-driven which is a key requirement of the Department of Health. It is intuitive and it enables the data-driven view to be brought forward.”
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