BizApps and Power Platform

Unleash the power of your people, data, processes, and apps to inspire business performance. Our BizApps are built on Microsoft Power Platform, bringing you the latest in ‘low code’ and ‘no code’ options. You can quickly start building apps, automating workflows, and analysing data at the speed of business need.

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Unlock Microsoft Power Platform

From quick introductions to strategic proof of concepts, we’ll show you the latest tools to address today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s priorities. So whether you’re looking to improve responsiveness through agile processes or enhance user collaboration, our BizApps team will give your transformation a kickstart.

Biz Apps Work Without Limits
Work without limits

Enable secure remote working from any location.

Biz Apps Empower Your Users
Empower your users

Deliver easy-to-use development tools to all who need them.

Biz Apps Increase Collaboration
Increase collaboration

Connect people and trusted insights together to spark innovation.

Biz Apps Automate Processes
Automate processes

Streamline and redefine to advance business productivity.

Biz Apps Unlock Your Data
Unlock your data

Enable smarter decisions through a single source of truth.

Helping healthcare to go paper-free with process automation and Power Platform

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All these solutions combined are enabling us to move to a more modern, secure, flexible environment that can support the move to electronic health records. Now we have the foundations, we will see the benefits: agile working, resilience and greater security.”
Senior Project Manager Digital Transformation

Why use Microsoft Power Platform?

BizApps allow you to innovate new capabilities, automate workflows to drive efficiency, and enable these developments from the ground up. Utilising Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, this technology brings together and exploits the full potential of the Microsoft Cloud. You may be eligible for funding for our team experts to assess your challenges and set the direction for success.

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Beyond the Buzzwords: What is Power Platform?

Whether you’re new to Power Platform or you’d like to know more about how it works in real life, we’ve pulled together some practical examples of everyday use cases. Read our real-world customer use cases to see how you can take your business transformation to the next level.

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