Prism for Copilot

Prism for Copilot is unique to Trustmarque and an ideal service for those looking to invest, or investing in, Microsoft 365 Copilot, but unsure how to unlock its full potential and ensure it provides the business with maximum return on its investment.

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Experience the power of Prism and Copilot

Prism for Copilot enables you to gain visibility of M365 Copilot usage across the tenant and makes it possible to ensure the AI technology reaches the correct users who are actively using it. The data collated then enables IT to make informed decisions about licence allocation, and in some cases identify where user adoption is poor and recognise areas for training and change management.

Not only does Prism drive licence efficiency it is ideal for identifying cost savings and has seen many organisations benefit from large cost savings due to underutilised licences. As a result many organisations have released budget otherwise associated to unused or underutilised licences to re-invest in further IT innovations.

Microsoft 365 and Copilot

Prism for Copilot presents M365 Copilot usage across the tenant allowing for operation tracking, optimisation and ensuring Microsoft’s latest innovation reaches the correct users.

Provides details on specific M365 Copilot operations on a user level. What is M365 Copilot being used for? What applications are users finding a return on investment?

Insights into the profile of the user utilising M365 Copilot within the organisation from department to job title.

  • Data Visualization and Insights
  • Operation counts per user
  • Copilot usage profiling

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Copilot readiness journey

The Copilot Readiness journey encompasses three key phases each designed to maximize the potential of Copilot in your organisation. This approach ensures you are well-equipped to leverage its full potential.

Future Proofing

The Advisory workshop is a strategic session that provides the foundational knowledge for understanding, deploying, and empowering you with insights and tools to maximise Copilot’s potential. Topics include:

  • Foundational knowledge of Copilot’s capabilities
  • Deployment prerequisites
  • Empowers clients with tools to craft effective prompts and secure usage
  • Introduces the PRISM tool for monitoring usage and adoption statistics

Innovative Features

The Enablement phase is powered by insights from PRISM and facilitates discussion of the key use cases found in your organisation through Copilot, helping to refine and define the scope for rollout. Topics include:

  • Hosts a workshop to review experiences with Copilot
  • Uses PRISM analytics to link productivity gains to usage and adoption
  • Explores specific use cases and discusses Power Platform extensions

Inclusive Workplace

Adoption is paramount to any new technology, in this phase we help you rollout resources and establish communities to share, collaborate on and get the greatest benefit from Copilot. Topics include:

  • Focuses on the organization-wide rollout of Copilot
  • Provides SharePoint sites with learning materials for user proficiency
  • Establishes communities within tools like Viva for support and collaboration

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