Redstor’s discovery and analytics tools enable your organisations to search and action the entirety of their data and monitor your usage through a single view, at any time, on any device, whether on-premise or in the cloud, including Microsoft 365 or G Suite.

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Data value is on the rise and in a truly digital world users are coming to expect systems that are always on, always available, and increasingly cloud-based. Downtime is unacceptable.

As technological developments such as AI, big data and machine learning come to the fore, what does the future of data look like?

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Microsoft Security Workshops Secure Your Users
Stream your data on demand

Make your data instantly available on any device.

Redstor Enable Borderless
Enable borderless visibility of data

Centralise all your data, everywhere, from anywhere.

Redstor Eliminate Downtime
Eliminate downtime

Get up and running at the click of a button.

Redstor Get Complete Data
Get complete data management

Discover, manage, control, and protect all data.

Redstor Liberate Your It Team
Liberate your IT team

Simple to deploy and manage.

Redstor Unlock Predictable Pricing
Unlock predictable pricing

Pay for what you use, scale up or down as required.

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