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Droplet Computing is a software-based container solution that takes your apps and installs them unchanged inside a secure and isolated containerised environment.

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Trustmarque and Droplet Computing

If you need additional security to continue running business-critical legacy applications or legacy server infrastructure, or you want a more cost-effective, simpler method to deliver any applications to your teams, Droplet Containers and Trustmarque can meet your compliance needs.

Ensure cyber essentials compliance

If your company is in the position of scrambling to upgrade software and hardware to be compliant, there is a better way. Droplet containers are an easy-to-instal, cost-effective and secure option for achieving compliance. With the added benefits of increased security and flexibility, you can start implementing these new standards today.

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What are containers and why do you need them?

Containers are the solution to get softwares to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another. It could be from a developer’s laptop to a test environment, from a staging environment into production, and perhaps from a physical machine in a data centre to a virtual machine in the cloud.

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Working with Droplet Computing, we can simplify and reduce the cost of delivering applications with these three offerings:

Droplet Compatibility

Droplet Containers run any Windows-compatible generation of software applications to enable legacy applications to run seamlessly.

Droplet Security

The security of the container is frequently penetration tested by both our customers and independent third-party experts.

Droplet Compliance

Droplet helps customers to achieve the compliance required to meet standards like NIST and Cyber Essential Plus, among others.

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