Secure edge-to-cloud networking solutions

Aruba is a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company and the global leader in secure, intelligent edge-to-cloud networking solutions that use AI to automate the network while harnessing data to drive powerful business outcomes.

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Trustmarque and Aruba

Trustmarque and Aruba take a cloud-native approach to help you meet your connectivity, security, and financial requirements across campus, branch, datacentre, and remote worker environments covering all aspects of wired, wireless LAN, and wide-area networking (WAN).


Aruba AIOps transforms IT Operations for networking by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to:

  • Get to the precise root cause and resolution quickly
  • Pre-empt issues before they happen
  • Take the guesswork out of configuration change impact validation
  • Continuously optimise the network using ML-based peer benchmarks

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Zero Trust Network Security

Aruba ESP uses the principles of Zero Trust by ensuring the identity of a wired or wireless device endpoint, enforcing the policies with an application-aware firewall, and adapting to new threats by sharing information with other security platforms and dynamically adjusting policies to endpoints on the network.

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Unified Infrastructure

The Aruba ESP platform is managed using Aruba Central and unifies all network operations across wired, wireless and WAN in a single cloud-native command centre and platform. This capability allows administrators to eliminate the time-consuming manual process of moving information from place to place or trying to correlate data across multiple views.

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Accelerate your business innovation with Aruba.

Aruba Efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency and costs.

Aruba Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Take advantage of AI and Machine Learning to cut your manual re-work.

Aruba Security

Reduce your risks with Zero Trust Security.

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