Microsoft Security Workshops

Your security and reputation matter. We can help you stay protected with Microsoft cloud technologies including Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft 365. As a Microsoft partner we offer security workshops called the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator for Microsoft 365 programme.

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Workshops built with you in mind

We understand that for most organisations today, security isn’t straightforward. Our experts will help you simplify the complexity of cyber security and ensure that you find and implement the right solutions for you. On completion of the Cloud Accelerator for Microsoft 365 programme Security Workshops you will:

Microsoft Security Workshops Improve Cyber
Improve your cyber security posture

Find weaknesses and turn up your cyber protection layers.

Retain Talent
Secure your users devices and apps

As your teams grow, so do the devices and apps that they need to get the job done.

Microsoft Security Workshops Identify Any Data
Identify any data compliance risks

Stay up to date with data protection policies and procedures via Microsoft 365 E5, giving peace.

Microsoft Security Workshops Future Proof
Future-proof your security set up

Whatever comes your way, your security can flex and grow with you.

Microsoft Security Workshops Serves Multi Cloud
Serves multi-cloud

Using Microsoft Defender for Cloud we’ll identify active threats on targeted hybrid workloads.

Trustmarque’s Microsoft security workshops.

Defend against threats with SIEM Plus XDR Activator
Multi-cloud environments workshop
Data security workshop

Defend against threats with SIEM Plus XDR Activator

Defend your email, endpoints and identity against threats with Microsoft 365 Defender.

The ‘Usage - Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR workshop’ will help you improve security posture and protection of your Microsoft 365 workloads. This workshop will help you to increase the protection of users and devices, as well as develop a plan of action for reducing the attack surface area across your Microsoft 365 workloads, using products and features you already own.

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Multi-cloud environments workshop

Improve your cloud security posture with a secure multi-cloud environments workshop.

Let us support in achieving your hybrid and multi-cloud security objectives - and identify current and real threats - by scheduling a secure multi-cloud environments workshop.

During this workshop, we can help you develop a strategic plan customised for your organisation and based on the recommendations of our Microsoft experts in security. You’ll gain visibility into immediate threats and vulnerabilities across Azure, on-premises and multi-cloud environments, plus clarity and support on how to improve your security posture for the long term.

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Data security workshop

Protect data in your organisation with tools you already own

Business-critical data is expanding as your workforce continues the transition to hybrid work from remote work. Having an integrated approach to protecting and governing your (sensitive) data and identifying risky behaviours is more important than ever.

The protect and govern sensitive data workshop will help you to get started with protecting your sensitive information and raising end user awareness by using the products you already own.

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Microsoft 365 E5

Secure and protect your users and data using all the features available in the Microsoft 365 E5. Get the most out of your current Microsoft 365 licensing, and keep costs under control. See what extending your E5 means for your security and compliance obligations.

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Your future, secured

You’re in safe hands with workshops designed by Microsoft and delivered by Trustmarque. Covering different aspects of cyber security for your Microsoft 365 estate, we will recommend solutions you could use to meet your identified risks and compliance needs. We will share a future roadmap and define actionable next steps and a practical timeline.

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