Prism for Office 365

Prism for Office 365 gives you a complete view of your Office 365 environment. Using Microsoft Power BI visualisation tools, our Prism dashboards provide usage information that helps you to identify cost avoidance opportunities, highlights potential savings and removes wastage.

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Prism for Office 365 services

Our three-stage service methodology aims to develop and implement a full virtual asset management programme. Using data from your CSP or Enterprise Agreement (EA) we discover, explore, and optimise opportunities within your Office 365 tenants.

Prism Office 365 License Value
License value assessment

Evaluate practical optimisation opportunities aligned with the business strategy.

Prism Office 365 Microsoft 365 Profiling
Microsoft 365 profiling

Detailed workshops discussing current devices, users, job profiles, and business goals.

Prism Office 365 Commercial Optimisation
Commercial optimisation

Agreement and licensing optimisation vs your strategy, purchasing models, current and future agreements, and licensing.

Protecting the public purse with Prism

It’s paid for itself already. It’s one of the most useful products that we’ve got. I feel that Trustmarque understands what we are trying to achieve and the pressures that local authorities face around budgets and resourcing.”
Cath Roby IT Business Analyst Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Assessment: Office 365 process improvement

We can help you implement a solid process base to ensure you’re making the most of your investments. We begin by assessing your current processes for managing Office 365 via our online portal. We then measure the base Office 365 process maturity against best practice to see where you are missing out.

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Alignment: Office 365 process improvement

Pair your key Office 365 processes with industry best practice, from software rationalisation process to joiners, movers, and leavers. We will provide hands-on process implementation support to get you up and running.

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