Simplified cloud software with AWS and Trustmarque

Trustmarque is a registered AWS Consulting Partner on the AWS Marketplace and is part of the CPPO programme. This enables you to buy software from us without having to raise POs or process invoices. It all happens within the AWS Marketplace.

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Trustmarque and AWS Marketplace

Simply provide us with your AWS account ID, and we will be able to supply you with a bespoke and private offer. If you are happy with the price, accept it, and the transaction will be completed seamlessly in your account. There is no PO required as your transaction is entirely managed by AWS.

Enable rapid innovation and business agility

AWS Marketplace introduces a variety of software, machine learning, and data products. You can procure software across multiple domains, including infrastructure, security, big data, and business applications, and each domain acquires software through a separate buying centre. This leads to streamlining processes and centralises access to software products and cloud services.

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Achieving governance and visibility

AWS Marketplace enhances procurement via Private Marketplace, which integrates with AWS Security services to create and manage multi-account permissions for third-party software deployed on AWS. Procurement System Integration incorporates AWS Marketplace into procurement tools and supports purchasing of third-party software through established methods.

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High technology costs

Access the software through free trials without commitment and utilise pay-as-you-go pricing. When ready, you can set contract durations to meet your exact needs, from hourly to multi-year contracts, with many long-term contracts offering higher discounts for commitment.

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Our AWS Marketplace partners

We have strong relationships with a broader range of software providers and work closely with them to ensure we can offer you the best pricing and any discounts available. Here are our selected partners ready for the launch of our marketplace offering:

What is AWS Marketplace?

It is a curated digital catalogue for organisations, specifically for the AWS cloud, to purchase and manage software purchases.

Aws Marketplace Greater Choice
Greater choice

Find, test and buy solutions through one-click deployment options with a wide range of software vendors, products and services.

Aws Marketplace Favourable Pricing
Favourable pricing

Our strong partner relationships allow us to offer you more favourable pricing than buying directly through the AWS Marketplace.

Aws Marketplace Manage And Control
Manage and control

Ensure your purchases align with policies and compliance requirements allowing you to centralise your governance.

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