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Release the power of AI with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot integrates and enhances productivity and how users interact with technology. This strategic shift highlights the importance and opportunities AI offers. Copilot incorporates the context of inquiries, web search and content, and your work data to give better assistance.

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Ask, answer, create, and take action

Using natural language to ask Copilot’s chat interfaces questions, and through large language models, the technology is smart enough to answer and deliver outstanding results. Copilot transforms Microsoft 365 workplace productivity, transforms search experiences in Bing and Edge, and seamlessly integrates across business applications.

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Enhanced your apps

Copilot seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365, Bing and Edge, and Windows, to enhance your daily tasks.

Copilot Multi
M365 Chat

Use your data and apps to be more creative and productive.

Copilot Purple

Summarise your key discussion points, suggested action items, all during a meeting.

Copilot Blue

Summerise email trials, manage and clean your inbox in minutes, not hours.

Copilot Blue

Kick-start your creative process and never start with a blank slate again.

Bing Chat
Bing Chat Enterprise

Your users get better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.

Copilot Orange

Create presentations with a prompt and add relevant content from any document.

Copilot Green

Analyse trends and create professional-looking data visualisations quickly.

Copilot Purple

Summerise notes, create to-do lists, design a plan and chat.

Copilot Purple

Collaborate, brainstorm, plan, create, and stay in sync.

Windows Copilot

Summerise and explain content, get awnsers in Windows 11.

Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot is bringing a fundamental change to the workplace. How people work with AI and how AI collaborates with people will differ but those willing to embrace this new way of working will quickly gain an edge. Copilot constructs a huge depository of data and insights creating a new knowledge model, harnessing what is hidden, inaccessible and untapped today. Copilot transforms your workplace.


Microsoft Office’s three most established applications are transformed with Copilot. Word. Get started quicker and save hours of writing, sourcing, and editing time, but always be in control and prompt Copilot to rewrite or give feedback. PowerPoint. Create superb presentations with simple prompts, adding relevant content from any source. Excel. Analyse trends and create high-quality data visualisations in seconds.

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How you email, collaborate, and create apps is boosted by Copilot. Stay on top of your Outlook inbox with summaries of long email threads and suggested replies. Make every Teams meeting a productive one. Summarise key points, highlight discussion topics, and suggest actions, all in real-time during a meeting. And in Power Platform anyone can automate repetitive tasks, create chatbots, and go from idea to working app quickly.

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Business Chat uses all your business data and apps to find information and insights. This allows knowledge flows freely across your organisation, saving you time searching for answers. You will be able to access Business Chat from Microsoft, from Bing when you’re signed in with your work account, or from Teams.

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Web and search

Bing and Edge are redefining how you can use the web. Getting personalised answers, using your chat history, can inform your results, or not if you prefer responses that don’t use your chat history. Find what you need to buy more quickly. When asking about product information, Bing will learn more by asking additional questions, and then provide more tailored recommendations.

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Bing Image Creator

The DALL.E 3 model, from OpenAI, is a huge leap forward with more beautiful creations and better renderings for finer details. It better understanding of your queries and returns more accurate results. There will also be an integration for Microsoft Designer so you can directly make edits in Bing.

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Trustmarque, your Copilot partner of choice

Digital Workplace. Windows. Microsoft 365. Azure. Power Platform. We are fluent in all things Microsoft. That’s why we are one of the UK’s most accredited Microsoft partners with all six cloud designations. As a strategic partner to Microsoft, we support their commitment to the empowerment of every person and every organisation to achieve more.

Our Microsoft designations

Investing time and resources in achieving Microsoft’s designations demonstrates our commitment to your success. We are outcome obsessed and assure results for people like you when we deploy Microsoft’s world-leading intelligent, cloud-first, digital technologies.

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Digital and App Innovation (Azure)

Trusted to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on premises, and at the edge, with tools and frameworks.

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Trusted to help you safeguard your entire organisation with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions.

Microsoft Data And Ai
Data and AI (Azure)

Trusted to advise you to manage data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions.

Microsoft Insfrastructure
Infrastructure (Azure)

Trusted to migrate key infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure, with specialisms in Windows server, SQL migration and AVD.

Microsoft Modern Work
Modern Work

Trusted to boost your productivity and make the shift to hybrid work seamless by using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Business Applications
Business Applications

Trusted to support customer outcomes in Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

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