Responsible business

Today we recognise our part in the future of the UK’s society more than ever before. We are committed to forging inclusive, sustainable and meaningful connections in the communities we serve. We can all do more, and we are working towards targets to make change happen.

Responsible Business

Building a trusted future

Our strategic vision for responsible and sustainable growth is guided by our environmental, social, and governance principles. The strategy is aligned to the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and has four key areas of focus: inclusive workplace, community skills and development, digital inclusion, and reducing our environmental impact.

Our responsible business targets

Enviromental Sustainability
Environmental sustainability

There is no plan B. We are striving to minimise our impact on the environment by setting industry-based targets, to align with the 1.5°C pathway. Reusing and repurposing equipment is just the start.

Digital Inclusion
Digital inclusion

Not everyone can take advantage of a new digital world, so we are using our expertise to host workshops to improve digital literacy. Our aim is to increase confidence, and promote enhanced accessibility to digital skills education for everyone.

Inclusive Workplace
Inclusive workplace

We want to be a great place to work, for everyone. That starts with being transparent and tackling our gender pay gap as well as focusing on attracting and retaining talent from minority groups to join us.

Community Skills
Community skills

Working in partnership with education providers, charities, and councils, we are supporting young people reach their full potential. With the skills and confidence to choose a career path that is right for them.

Charity And Volunteering
Charity and volunteering

Every year, each Trustmarque colleagues give up their time to give back to their community or a chosen charity. We are motivated to pause the day job and get involved for a worthy cause.

Our employee value proposition

Earlier this summer at the Trustmarque Group’s inaugural Fusion event, we officially launched our new employee value proposition.

The launch of the new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) comes as part of our transformative rebrand and defines and clearly communicates our culture.

Trustmarque has been through a substantial transition, including our departure from Capita and a successful change of ownership to One Equity Partners (OEP), as well as our acquisition of Livingstone Group. As Trustmarque Group we now have a revised and common set of values which define us as a Group. Our newly launched values and behaviours form the basis of our culture and create a supportive, inclusive work environment for all.

Trustmarque Fusion: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leaders’ Panel

What exactly is DEI and why is it so important for organisations? Watch the full video from our leaders’ panel on DEI at Trustmarque’s recent #TMFusion event to learn how it can transform your company for the better.


  • Trustmarque’s Donavan Hutchinson – Chief Revenue Officer & International DEI Leader
  • Microsoft’s Eleri Gibbon – Director, Services Partners: Accelerating partner growth & transformation
  • Cisco’s Kathryn Baddeley – Head of CSR, Cisco UK & Ireland
  • Dell’s Des O’Connor – Chief of staff and Director of Strategy for the UK
  • IBM’s Alison Say – Vice President, Ecosystem IBM UKI
  • Forcepoint’s Chris Sherry – VP – NEMEA
  • Aruba HPE’s Anna Chalmers – UK&I Aruba Networking Channel Leader

Trustmarque sponsors York Pride 2023

Donavan Hutchinson, Trustmarque Group Chief Revenue Officer and Diversity Equality and Inclusion Lead annouces that the Trustmarque Group is sponsoring the annual York Pride parade and festival, taking place on Saturday 03 June.

This year, we are embracing the York LGBTQIA+ community and Trustmarque employees will be walking the parade route with family and friends. As an organisation headquartered in York, and founded in 1987, this is a historic milestone in our 40-year history.

Simon Williams
Our intention is to invest in the empowerment and advancement of women within Trustmarque, and to facilitate their paths into management and leadership roles.
Simon Williams Chief Executive Officer Trustmarque
Marsha Waugh Lewis
I hope the ripple effect of these awards and our own DEI initiatives attract a more diverse, engaged and inspired workforce to Trustmarque
Marsha Waugh Lewis Chief People Officer Trustmarque
Donovan Hutchison
Being part of the LGBTQIA + community, which continues to be discriminated against is the very reason why awareness around Pride and the origins of the movement are crucial.
Donavan Hutchinson Chief Revenue Officer and Diversity Equality and Inclusion Lead Trustmarque
Like most organisations, we still have work to do, but we are making some positive steps in doing this and helping our customers to drive sustainable solutions and delivering the value of sustainability into their business.
Rick Ure Enterprise Connectivity Practice Director Cisco
We had a brilliant day helping out the charity in the most beautiful garden, we got to it with weeding, sowing grass seeds, bulb planting and establishing garden beds. More importantly, we were able to talk to the patients.
Howard Jackson Customer Success Manager

Responsible business in action

Trustmarque in action

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