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How to maximise the value of cloud

7 September 2023 Time to read:  minutes

Driving value and innovation from your cloud strategy

This article was published in the Times Business on 28 July 2023 in partnership with Raconteur and features Trustmarque’s cloud practice directors Ade Omotomilola and Neel Dev. The article was written by Nick Easen, an award-winning journalist and broadcaster. Nick has produced content for BBC World News, CNN, Time magazine, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Times, Guardian and Telegraph.

As organisations seek to maximise the value of cloud and spearhead new innovations especially in AI, they need to reassess their approach to the cloud.

Cloud computing was once a disruptive technology, today it’s a pervasive reality. The pandemic with remote working was a strong stimulus for its wholesale adoption. Right now, it’s used for everything from managing client data and AI, to supply chains. But concerns over cost mean organisations are looking to maximise the value of cloud services, minimise its risk and innovate, all at the same time.

Cloud computing is still very appealing – agile, elastic and scalable in nature, it’s at the core of many IT initiatives to modernise, digitalise services, utilise new tools and be competitive. Leveraging the cloud strategically is vital. Yet it’s important for organisations to achieve a balance between utilising the cloud’s full potential, whilst safeguarding against cloud risks – data breaches, security and privacy issues.

“Over time the cloud has proven its worth. The big question now is — how do you calibrate this value in full and how do you continue to capture maximum value over time? This is where the big debate is,” explains Ade Omotomilola, head of cloud and data and analytics at Trustmarque, a leading provider of cloud solutions and one of the most highly accredited IT services providers in the UK.

Driving value and innovation from your cloud strategy Download the full article
Driving value and innovation from your cloud strategy

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