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Partner blog: Automation for everyone with Red Hat Ansible and Cisco

4 November 2022 Time to read:  minutes

If you’re in IT, you will have come across the new buzzword ‘Ansible’, but do you really know what it’s capable of and how easy it is to use?

Would you believe us if we told you no special coding skills are necessary to use Ansible’s playbooks? And that it’s a platform that lets you model even highly complex IT workflows? Not only that, you can orchestrate the entire application environment no matter where it’s deployed? Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform does all this, plus it helps make network management more consistent and expedites security patching and remediation

Red Hat Ansible automation is a solution that includes everything you need to build, deploy, and manage end-to-end automation at scale. Ansible works by connecting to your nodes and pushing out small programs, called “Ansible Modules” to them. These programs are written to be resource models of the desired state of the system. Ansible then executes these modules (over SSH by default) and removes them when finished.

Red Hat and Cisco joint solutions

  • Trustmarque customers are offered a broader portfolio of complementary products and solutions to meet their business requirements.
  • These joint solutions allow a single point of management, orchestration, and monitoring for business-critical workloads.

Find out how you can manage your Cisco devices with Red Hat Ansible automation platform

Will it work on most platforms?

One of the core benefits is that it work on Windows, Ansible Automation Platform supports a variety of platforms across servers, clouds, networks, containers, and more to meet you where you are in your automation journey and it will work on most Operating systems and virtualization: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows and Windows Server, VMware as well as Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform.

You can find a whole host of integration information on the Red Hat website.

Why should we develop an automation strategy?

The right automation strategy can help you save time, increase quality, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costs throughout your organisation. No matter where you are on your automation journey Trustmarque are here to help. See how much time you could save by getting in touch and use the Red Hat‍ Ansible‍ Automation Platform time savings calculator.

Red Hat believes that in order to be effective, everyone in the IT organisation needs to play a part in automating their view of the environment. The benefits are clear: by automating the repetition out of their daily lives, IT team members are able to focus on more interesting value-added tasks.

Trustmarque’s partners

Red Hat believes in true relationships, which is exactly what they have with Trustmarque. At a time when digital transformation becomes a business imperative, they have jointly invested in developing their relationship further to best meet customer outcomes in areas such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), OpenShift and Ansible.

Trustmarque is an Advanced Reseller of Red Hat solutions. This enables us to help IT departments improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. We help to transform, implement and meet your business objectives.

With unrivalled access to Cisco’s state of the art technology, Trustmarque delivers tailored customer solutions to future-proof your operations. Once we understand your business challenges, we work with you to formulate networking solutions to get your operations on track. We unlock the door to Cisco’s high performing infrastructure, allowing you to stay connected and keeping your resources protected.

“While Red Hat Ansible is at the cutting edge of automation, systems administration, and DevOps, it’s also a valuable tool for developers to use in their daily work while saving time and costs ”

Dave Williams, Vendor Alliance Manager, Trustmarque

Red Hat

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