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Phishing: Stop spam emails and secure your cloud inbox

8 September 2022 Time to read:  minutes

Protect your cloud deployment with Proofpoint and block malicious activity, securing your Microsoft 365 environment against compromises.

Most of us would like to think that we can spot an email scam easily. We roll our eyes at bogus emails offering to wire us large sums of money, by ‘just’ sharing out bank details with a total stranger. But unfortunately, cyber scammers are getting smarter by the week. We know these email attacks and security breaches aren’t going away, they’re just getting harder to spot thanks to how we share information about ourselves online.

In July 2022 alone, the National Cyber Security Centre received over 13 million reported scams, resulting in a staggering 91,000 scams being removed across 167,000 URLs. Potential malware, ransomware, credential phish and email fraud is rife. Scammers are now scouring the internet for information about us and using this rich data source to craft personalised messages, with social media sites being the top trove for cyber criminals. Lifting names and locations make for a more realistic email, enticing even the most experienced cyber scam spotter to click the links inside, inadvertently downloading a virus to our computer or device. What happens next can often see the user having their passwords stolen or personal data harvested, with the consequences spiraling through a corporate cloud environment.

#1 Threat Vector:

More than 90% of cyber attacks start with email

But what if you could stop these emails in their tracks before they even hit your inbox? And extend this protection to your Microsoft 365 account in its entirety?

Like you, other organisations are moving to the cloud and must support an increasingly remote and distributed workforce. For many, Microsoft 365 is a whole new way of doing business—one that requires a whole new approach to security and compliance. The unexpected complexities of cloud and hybrid environments can open breaches into your protected organisation, that you may not be able to control and that your current security solution may be failing to catch. We know all too well that today’s cyber-attacks target people and play on our human interests.

That’s why we are bringing you our 10 reasons why you should be protecting your cloud deployment now with Proofpoint (a leading cyber security provider):

1. Better, faster email protection:

With the average analysis time in as little as a few minutes, Proofpoint’s software blocks malicious attachments before you have a chance to interact with them—and without getting in your way.

2. Data security:

Proofpoint’s out-of-the-box DLP workflows also make it easy to find, manage and report violations. With this solution, you also get advanced features that take the headaches out of data security and compliance.

3. Complete compromise protection:

This holistic solution also stops business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC), addressing all the possible attacker tactics.

4. Protection against Microsoft 365 account takeover:

Through Proofpoint’s multilayered approach, they will help you protect your 365 account with real-time alerts of suspicious activity, automated remediation and risk-based access controls.

5. Cloud visibility and security that works:

Proofpoint takes a people-centric approach to protect against cloud threats, discovering shadow IT and governing cloud and third‑party OAuth apps. They discover your Very Attacked People™ and apply risk-based controls to keep their accounts safe.

6. Incident response at scale:

Proofpoint’s Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) solution removes malicious email from your users’ inboxes—even if it has already been delivered or forwarded to colleagues.

7. Intelligent archiving:

Proofpoint’s cloud-based archive supports more than 500 file types in the cloud and on-premises, not just email.

8. Empower through training:

Beyond foundational awareness training, they offer phishing simulations and point-in-time follow-up training for users who fall for the bait. Proofpoint make it easy to track and report progress over time to help you identify areas of improvement and help your users thrive.

9. Support from the experts:

Every purchase includes full installation and customization of the solution along with access to the latest industry trends and best practices.

10. Streamlined operations:

Proofpoint’s proven approach to security and compliance for Microsoft 365 reduces your risk, frees up resources, cuts costs and makes your security operations more effective and efficient.

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