Azure Containers

Protect your legacy applications

Containers are the best way to ensure your legacy applications continue to work and provide a seamless customer experience. They also ensure your applications are protected from hackers and malware thanks to modern security services and updates.

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Microsoft Azure containerisation

Microsoft Azure containers take a slice of the old operating system and a slice of the database, as well as the application runtime. It puts them all into a secure, locked down container which is protected and compliant but also doesn’t require a version upgrade to your application.

Run Your Old Applications
Continue to run your old applications

Keep using your existing programmes without having to retrain your staff.

Remain Secure And Supported
Remain secure and supported

Security patches and updates keep your applications safe.

Cloud Based
Control your cloud-based usage

Use the flexibility of the cloud to scale up and down as needed.

No Sql Windows Upgrades
No SQL or Windows upgrades

Place your apps in Azure without having to upgrade to the newest version.

Azure Kubernetes Services

To manage containerised applications in Azure we use Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). AKS lets you rapidly develop and deploy and manage your apps at scale. It provides management and governance for your on-premises, edge, and multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters. This service integrates with other Microsoft services like security, identity, and cost management.

Azure Kubernetes Services

Containerisation from Trustmarque

We have multiple options for container deployment. For large numbers of applications, we manage them using AKS, and for a small number of containers, we use Azure Container Instances. In our Azure containers proof of concept, we show you how we would take your application’s runtime, OS tools and databases and put them into an Azure container.

Containerisation From Trustmarque

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