SafeGUARD backup and recovery

Complete data protection and on-demand recovery

Deliver, manage, and protect your data, simply and smartly. SafeGUARD’s cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) protects data residing on-premises and in cloud environments. With AI-powered malware detection and on-demand recovery, SafeGUARD ensures secure access to data.

Safeguard Backup And Recovery

Built in speed and resilience

Our recovery solution lets you to put all your all data and systems back to the state they were before an incident took place. This cancels out the effects of attacks, like ransomware, and allows you to recover quickly and robustly.

Smart Recovery
Smart recovery

On-demand recovery of any file, in an instant, whether for testing or DR purposes.

Smarter Way Of Working
A smarter way of working

Broad coverage for data protection from a single application to critical SaaS data.

Unique Anti Viral Ai
Unique anti-viral AI

AI-powered malware detection enables deletion of malicious files from your backups.

Smarter Set Up
Smarter set up

No need to wait for hardware to be delivered, SafeGUARD can be set up in minutes.

Smarter backup and recovery for SaaS data

Cloud and SaaS applications, like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, create new sources of data that will need to be managed and protected. Despite being in the cloud, many SaaS platforms do not automatically back up data and leaves you at risk of data corruption, data deletion, and ransomware. SafeGUARD provides protection in a single app.

Smarter Backup And Recovery For Saas Data

Protecting against ransomware

Ransomware and malware present an ongoing threat to your data. Using SafeGUARD’s InstantData™ technology, your data can be streamed on-demand, in an instant, allowing you to protect against ransomware. And SafeGUARD’s AI-driven malware detection identifies and removes malicious files from within a backup data, ensuring a clean recovery takes place.

Protecting Against Ransomware

Azure Virtual Machine backup

Back up your virtual machines (VM) in minutes with Azure VM Pro, an agentless backup solution. It be set up in minutes via the RedApp, and scales effortlessly with your requirements. In the event of a recovery situation, InstantData™ can be used to quickly recover your VMs and its AI malware detection ensures backup data stays ransomware free.

Azure Virtual Machine Backup

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