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Integrated care and Health providers

Expertly solving your health and integrated care challenges is our specialty. For many years, Trustmarque has worked in partnership with the NHS to develop solutions and services to overcome whatever hurdles lie ahead.

Through trusted advice and technical know-how, we help you buy and use cutting-edge technology to positively impact your patient care, underpinned by smart digital and data foundations. We’re not the heroes of this story, though. You are. We enable innovators like you to do heroic work. Whether it’s leveraging the power of hospital data to improve ward management or keeping your clinicians online, we support you.

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Expertly solving your health and integrated care challenges is our speciality.

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From the beginning, Trustmarque integrated exceptionally well with the local technical team. We quickly performed a review of the business impact of how cloud services are adopted and help establish additional cloud adoption strategies.
Cloud IT Manager NHS Trust
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We were drowning in data but starving for information, we know we have a gap in capability, but needed help to understand it and support to fix it.
Adam Whiting Deputy Chief Information Officer Essex Partnership NHS Trust
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Time is a precious resource across the NHS, and this work has protected it, and our impact across the region.
Director of Patient Safety NHS

Local and Central Government

Whether you need to deliver essential services to citizens or local communities, or create a secure environment for regional economic growth, unlocking the value of technology has never been more important. For over 35 years, Trustmarque has helped the public sector to strengthen their cyber security, adopt remote working and project the public purse in Microsoft licensing.

We support your mission of ensuring communities across the UK thrive, making them great places to live and work. We strive to deliver the value of technology and identify savings, to bring real life impact.

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We strive to deliver the value of technology for Central and Local Government

Central Local Government Microsoft Licensing
Trustmarque are our strategic partner for Microsoft licensing. They understand our goals goals and how technology helps support them.
ICT Specialist A combined authority in England
Prism For Azure Governance
Trustmarque has consistently worked closely with the team, developing a tight day to day working relationship. Again and again the Trustmarque team have gone above and beyond.
IT Director London local authority

Corporate and SMEs

Whether you’re a FTSE 100 or a small start up, Trustmarque expertly delivers the technology you need to build an environment of innovation and productivity. Acting now is essential to ensure your people have the right tools they need to keep your organisation competitive. Unless you move fast, your best people will go elsewhere, and emerging talent will find other organisations more attractive.

We make sure you get the most out of your investments, whether that be enabling a hybrid workforce, strengthening your cyber security or becoming more agile.

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Delivering success for Corporate and SMEs from start-up to FTSE 100.

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This engagement has been one of the best, if not the best, engagement, I've experienced with a Pen Test company. The testers were a real credit to Trustmarque - everyone was.
Carl Law Chief Technology Officer Agiito
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We went from getting many calls a week about the old set up, to very few. This eased the pressure on the IT team at HGF and has allowed us to focus on other core priorities.
Gareth Luty IT Operations and Security Manager HGF
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Trustmarque helped us take baby steps to fully understand Azure and to uncover exactly the scale of the challenge. The benefits are plentiful, and I would fully recommend using Trustmarque. I just wish we had done this years ago!
Gordon Walker Global IT Projects Manager American Air Filters


Trustmarque is on a mission to support and safeguard a world-class, modern education system within the UK. We’ve been working with teachers and education administrators for many years to raise the bar and reduce the burden with IT

Our knowledge and expertise mean we understand exactly what you need to contribute to excellent outcomes in education – through simple, safe and easy-to-use digital services, networking and hardware. These solutions offer unparalleled cyber security for your institution, give your students confidence in your remote-learning tools and uphold your reputation in your parent and teacher community.

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Our knowledge and expertise mean we understand exactly what you need to contribute to excellent outcomes in education

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Trustmarque’s way of working and the value that the Customer Service Management offers were truly aligned with the needs of the university. Trustmarque customer success team, will allow Aston University to monitor our adoption cycle and promptly address the digital requirements of the university.
Trevor Bayliss Digital Services Technical Director Aston University
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It has been a real pleasure to work with Trustmarque, and I shall continue to sing their praises whenever given the opportunity to do so.
Michael Burke Operations Director Greater Birmingham and Solihull Institute of Tech
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The solution has upped the ante for us – it is an incredibly fast and simple way to detect and thwart attacks which may come at us.
Nigel Walters Senior Systems Specialist University of Winchester
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Going above and beyond what it said in the terms and conditions. And that to us is extremely valuable.
Ben Bridle Group Head of ICT NOSCS

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