Data and analytics

Unlock big data’s potential. Use it to predict future trends and solve your current challenges. Our data, analytics and AI solutions have Microsoft Azure at their core to reimagine your existing data. Turn your dense data into accessible, usable and predictable intelligence. The result: limitless vision and growth.

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Power your growth with big data

Maintaining the status quo often saps resources, leaving little time to get ahead of the curve. By choosing to move to a solid data and analytics strategy, we will deliver powerful insights to enable intelligence-led data-driven decisions, setting the stage for your growth.

Data and analytics solutions

Our modern data analytics tools shine a light on your raw data, uncovering hidden insights much quicker than ever before. Using your existing data better can improve the speed, quality and volume of reporting and reduce costs through better use of resources.

Data Analytics Data Modernisation
Data Modernisation

Moving data from legacy databases to cloud is critical for your unstructured data.

Data Analytics Data Visualation
Data Visualisation

Make it easier to identify patterns, trends and outliers in large data sets, to propel your data intelligence.

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Data success stories

University Hospital Leicester
The instant availability of information is changing our culture in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Life without it would be like going back to using chalk on a blackboard in 2022.”
Justin Hammond Head of the Reconfiguration Program Management Office University Hospitals of Leicester
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Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque brings a fresh new approach to data. We have extensive NHS experience and have been a consistent supplier of IT software and services for over 35 years. We build a deep knowledge of your people and processes to complement and inform the data. We do this because we understand that only you can deliver change. Combined with our in-depth technology and Microsoft Azure skills, assets and experience, together we can support your finance, informatics and operational teams to unlock the power of data.

Reimagine your existing data

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