Trustmarque is committed to the delivery of a quality service to our customers, and to continually improving performance via our management systems assurance programme, which is fully integrated into our business.

Our approach to systems management is “lead from the top” and our processes are written by and for individuals within each department. Assisted by the Governance, Risk and Compliance Team, these documents are always evolving as we continually monitor performance and strive for self-improvement.

Processes & Standard Operating Procedures

All of the processes that form part of our management systems are supported by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our processes describe what we do, and our SOPs detail exactly how we do it.

By employing and enforcing the use of processes and SOPs, we can ensure we are consistent in the way that we conduct our business. We hope and believe that this will lead to increased customer satisfaction from our clients.

Trustmarque’s approach to ‘continuous improvement’

Whilst we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, on the occasions where our service does not meet your expectations, we are happy to listen to your feedback and log the issue. Where appropriate, we will review the business process and implement any changes as necessary. This process ensures we are continually improving our processes.

Accreditations and certifications include:

We conduct regular internal audits of all our systems and processes and are externally audited on a regular basis. In addition, we are also separately audited by customers, manufacturers and buying groups on a continual basis.

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