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Healthcare growth with Microsoft Azure

26 July 2023 Time to read:  minutes

Read about how Trustmarque embedded Azure Managed Services and skills into this healthcare organisation.

The challenge

The client, a large healthcare organisation, was keen to adopt a cloud-first strategy and to lay the foundations for their digital growth as it grew its internal expertise and knowledge repository.

After recognising a skills gap and a shortage of resource in their existing IT and Cloud team, the client partnered with Trustmarque to support their current teams and to provide an agile Cloud support function.

Thinking back to the start of the project, the Cloud IT Manager noted that:

“The division recognised the need to engage with an external partner to help manage and deliver increased demand for a range of highly complex cloud-hosted projects. We knew these would require transformational change.”

During the initial scoping, as well as a desire to maximise the potential of their existing cloud environment, a clear objective of the managed services partnership was to understand which users had access to their Azure subscriptions and what permissions were being granted within the organisation.

Put simply, they “required Trustmarque to help extend and review the existing cloud delivery foundation in order to correct and re-align the department for a cloud-based future.”

The response

Following the engagement with Trustmarque, it was decided that the most appropriate response was our as-a-Service support package. The agreement was to deliver three months of cloud consultancy with three of Trustmarque’s Azure Professional Consultants who were available on hand 24/7. The client was able to tap into Trustmarque’s expertise and experience of Azure, whenever and wherever they needed support.

The outcome

Working as an extension of the team, the Trustmarque Azure Consultants were able to instil industry standard Azure Cloud practices across the building and management of applications.

As the intervention progressed, Trustmarque recognised an area for development in the client’s governance standards and collaborated with the team to ensure that these were at the optimal level.

The client now has complete visibility and control of these applications, meaning they are now able to move forward with their digital transformation and are more self-sufficient following the project.

“From the beginning, the Trustmarque team integrated exceptionally well with the local technical team. We quickly performed a review of the business impact of how services are adopted and help establish additional cloud adoption strategies.”

Cloud IT Manager

Adding to this, the client noted that:

“These reviews allow us to provide a greater granular approach to application security by helping to apply a security policy that is assigned correctly and can be adjusted, and any adjustments recorded when it is agreed an application/service needs a locally applied change in the policy.”

Trustmarque engineers also contributed to the daily technical stand-ups. Providing both advice and solutions in an agile manner allows us to make full use of all the assigned engineer days. Working with Trustmarque, the Digital and Security Team have successfully benefited from the uplift in cloud technical skills, this was proven by the team’s decision to extend the agreement.

Expand your capabilities with Azure Managed Services

In March 2023, out of 400,000 global organisations in the Microsoft Partner Network, Trustmarque received the sixth designation in ‘business applications’. By succeeding in all six designations, we unlocked the highest tier of the program and receive the seventh designation for overall excellence in the Microsoft Cloud.

Building on this, our Managed Services build on our partner-led approach, giving you access to technical expertise, innovative solutions and best practice approaches that bring real benefits, not least cost optimisation. If you’re planning your migration to Microsoft Azure or already on that journey, contact us for a consultation to see how we can help.

Azure Migration Services – Trustmarque

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