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Trustmarque awarded Customer Experience (CX) Specialisation by Cisco Systems

13 June 2022 Time to read:  minutes

Cisco has recently awarded Trustmarque the Customer Experience (CX) Specialisation for its Enterprise Connectivity division.

Trustmarque is honoured to announce it has been awarded the CX Specialisation, further augmenting our long-standing investment in the Gold Partnership status, gaining access to an exclusive global program for Cisco Partners that have the right people, processes, and tools to enable an optimal customer experience.

Trustmarque now holds a total of 27 Cisco certifications, specifically across IoT, networking, security, and collaboration.

“Gaining this coveted CX status with Cisco was paramount”, comments Rick Ure, Trustmarque’s Enterprise Connectivity Practice Director. “Trustmarque understands that IT is no longer a single point of supply and is now an ecosystem of interlinked and interlocked services that touch all functions of a business.”

Rick Ure, Trustmarque’s Enterprise Connectivity Practice Director

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What makes a CX Specialisation partner?

The CX Specialisation is part of Cisco’s new business specialisations that recognise partners with demonstrable customer success capabilities and business practices. According to Thimaya Subaiya, Cisco’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Customer Experience:

“We are trying to bring the concept of customer success and bridge the gap between services and customer success. What we’ve seen is that 80% of adoption challenges happen because implementations haven’t been done right. We are starting to get away from the problem of implementations not being done right.”

Thimaya Subaiya, Cisco’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Customer Experience.

As a Cisco Gold Partner since 2001, Trustmarque’s Enterprise Connectivity division has proven they have the right maturity level within their successful Customer Experience practice, and the capability to provide services throughout the customer lifecycle.

To earn the specialisation, Trustmarque had to demonstrate to Cisco they had evolved the capability to support a customer software-centric business model and build a sustainable lifecycle practice.

Rick adds, “Trustmarque recognised this change and has built a customer success approach that can be viewed beyond that of ‘sales pitch’ and into a more fully encompassing attitude of holistic provision that starts long before any project is incepted and continues well after any solution is delivered.”

Rick Ure, Trustmarque’s Enterprise Connectivity Practice Director

Customer Benefits

We are proud to help bridge the gap between technology and the ways people work and learn today. The specialisation has already opened new opportunities for Trustmarque to interact with customers, create value, and impact customer business outcomes. Our Lifecycle and Customer Success practice helps customers navigate the journey of their technology investments aligning measurable business outcomes that realise long term value.

Most recently, we have assisted a number of NHS Trusts in their transitions to intent-based networking. This new approach to networking takes business intent and automatically transforms it into network configurations for all devices, reducing manual operation to a minimum. For the NHS, this has delivered immediate benefits. By using a smart licensing portal, Trusts can remove the need for IT resource capacity through reduced management overheads. This has significantly reduced risk by providing a more secure, stable network that is fully supported and offers longevity and scalability for the Trust’s future initiatives.

Our Cisco collaboration

For over 20 years Trustmarque’s newly joined Digital Connectivity team has been delivering complex customer solutions with Cisco. We help organisations lay solid digital foundations with local and wide-area networking for their workplace, datacentre, and the cloud. As part of our established collaborative and consultative approach, we will work with you to understand your objectives and challenges before applying the appropriate services and technologies to create the most effective solution for your organisation.

Written by Julia Bluckert.

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