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Trustmarque Partners Quarterly Technology Round-Up for December

15 December 2022 Time to read:  minutes

Our final partner newsletter of the year has just been released and includes updates from Cisco, Gamma, Proofpoint and VMware.

  • Reduce your IT costs with Azure VMware and Trustmarque
  • Turning data into information-led services
  • Proofpoint unveils new Inline + API deployment option!
  • The Big PSTN and ISDN Switch off
  • The Success Waypoint

Reduce your IT costs with Azure VMware and Trustmarque

The current cost of living crisis is impacting the businesses like yours across the UK. Saving money and keeping costs low is now a priority for everyone including large organisations.
But did you know that you can lower your costs with monthly consumption pricing?

You can do this by reusing your existing on-premises licenses for Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure with Azure Hybrid Benefit, and by purchasing your computer resources in advance with reservation pricing.

Rely on the cloud

Business-critical workloads depend on cloud infrastructure that is ‘always on’ and Microsoft Azure VMware Solution enables disaster recovery and business continuity without having to change your existing VMware infrastructure.

“My advice to another organization? Don’t hesitate to roll out Azure VMware Solution…. I truly believe in this technology—it’s fantastic.”

Rob Wilde: Platform Manager, Nottinghamshire County Council

It is time you took control of your cloud solutions and save money with managed infrastructure and expand or shrink your environment on demand as your business needs change.

Turning data into information-led services

Data is everywhere. There is greater access to it. But how can YOU leverage it to make better decisions?

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Trustmarque Enterprise Connectivity offers innovations designed to make IT more efficient, where limitations on time and availability of skills lead to business adoption issues. We can help you get ready to trial and adopt the latest solutions. Trustmarque has a range of easy entry services that allow access to our deep experience, research, and development across the connectivity stack.

Our consultative packages help define appropriate roadmaps for business outcomes leveraging our services and solution portfolio, which offer customers an end-to-end suite of Cisco technologies covering all core platforms:

  • Secure WAN – Take SD-WAN and build a service that speeds up delivery, automates operation, and focuses on business needs.
  • Secure Access – Automation, segmentation, and assurance through the adoption of next-generation networking.
  • IoT Gateway – Enterprise SDN principles simplify infrastructure management required to attach, collect, and use IoT sensor data securely and reliably.
  • Asset Location Tracking – Reduce asset leakage, and search time or understand asset location history with our customisable service focusing on the specific use case.
  • Cloud Contact Centre – Flexible, resilient, and cost-effective contact centre consulting services.

Get Your Complimentary Network Health Check

Our Health Check prioritises information that matters to your business goals. We work closely with you to look at all the elements that are currently, or could in the future, cause issues. These include:

Azure Blue
  • Physical/Logical topology
  • Hardware audit / End of life status
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Network recommendations

Proofpoint unveils new Inline + API deployment option

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Proofpoint currently detects an average of 1M+ threats a week either sent from or hosted on Microsoft 365. Offering an integrated, end-to-end solution that addresses BEC, account compromise (EAC), phishing, ransomware, and other threats, they help customers save millions in invoicing fraud and payroll diversion fraud.

Their superior detection can be deployed in front of or behind Microsoft 365 using Inline + API, without requiring an MX record change to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice security for convenience.

For customers who are happy to change their MX records, nothing changes it is still an available option for all customers. With their new PX solution, customers can decide how they would like to deploy Proofpoint without sacrificing the ability to block messages before the user is exposed.

What does Inline + API mean and what are the impacts if you choose it?

  • Fast and easy setup with no MX record change required.
  • The same artificial intelligence (AI)-powered email detection and high efficacy that Proofpoint customers expect.
  • Blocking of messages predelivery to reduce the risk of user activation.

To get more details about Inline + API and MX-based deployments, we encourage you to set up a meeting with a member of our accounts team or for a limited time, we can arrange a free Email Rapid Risk Assessment

  • You will get an instant two-week history of the health of your email environment to show vulnerabilities and attacks reaching your end-user mailboxes.
  • Uncover threats your email security solution is missing.
  • Gain visibility into who in your organisation is being targeted, like your Very Attacked People (VAPs)

The Big PSTN and ISDN Switch off

In December 2025, the BT Openreach Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will be switched off. So, by 2025, every phone line in the UK must be migrated to an IP-based service, this will start to affect your services from September 2023.

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How is your strategic plan evolving?

All businesses currently using PSTN and ISDN services will need to migrate to a new service as the current infrastructure will simply stop working. Organisations need to plan how to mitigate the impact of this change on their communication strategy: how will they communicate internally and externally, with clients, service users, suppliers, and partners?

A timeline showing the key milestones in the PSTN switchover from 2020 until 2025
Fortunately, this provides an ideal opportunity for organisations to streamline operations, drive cost efficiencies and improve customer service.

Trustmarque, in partnership with Gamma, has a long pedigree of consulting and delivering voice services to meet our client’s demands. The services delivered include:

  • Microsoft Teams Voice (including Direct Routing and Operator Connect)
  • SIP Trunking
  • Hosted PBX and UC
  • Connectivity Solutions to underpin the delivery

We work with Gamma to deliver choice, accompanied by professional services to help you select the right solution, and implement it successfully.

We are trusted by Gamma, and have recently been awarded their Microsoft Direct Routing Partner of the Year for the second year running. With Gamma, we deliver choice, accompanied by professional services to help you select the right solution, and implement it successfully.

Please get in contact now to start the journey to an improved communications experience.

The Success Waypoint

A waypoint is a reference point that helps us know where we are and where we are going. Whether we are walking, driving, sailing, or flying, waypoints help us find our way.

At Trustmarque, we have adapted our customer engagement model into a continuous lifecycle journey approach, with a particular focus on what we term the ‘success waypoints’ throughout that journey, where technology usage and adoption are key.

Adoption accelerates full utilisation of Cisco solutions, helping customers achieve their business transformation by leveraging the software and services products they have purchased. As software continuously evolves, the value gap widens, and navigating back on track needs the right expertise and insights to map the route to success.

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By incorporating the Cisco CX services portfolio offerings, we are helping customers gain the best possible customer experience with a shared purpose. It is through consistent engagement that we transform our relationship with customers from technology providers to trusted advisors. Our Customer Success Managers measure adoption through descriptive, predictive, and outcome-based analytics helping identify and bridge the software value gap within your network environment.

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Let us navigate you to success

As part of an introduction to Trustmarque’s Customer Success team, we would like to help customers identify the Value-Gap within their Cisco Enterprise Connectivity solutions, by mapping against the available and adopted technology use cases and developing a lifecycle management plan by leveraging Cisco’s Success Program Insights (SPI) platform and our in-house technology adoption experts.

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