Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)

It’s time to move to digital calling and communication service. BT Openreach have announced the shutdown of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) throughout the UK, which means organisations using these traditional or services for their phone system should move to VoIP.

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Future-proof your calls

VoIP allows you to make voice calls and services using your broadband internet connection. Using VoIP improves your team communication and collaboration, keeps costs under control and supports your growth. Trustmarque can take ownership of your transition from PSTN and ISDN to VoIP.

Voip Cost Control
Cost control and predictability

Voip Scalability

Voip Business Contunuity
Business continuity

Voip Operational Effciency
Operational efficiency

Which path?

ToWe have designed services to ensure a smooth transition to VoIP so you get the most from your investments.

Suitable for large organisations:

If your organisation has minimal phone numbers and handsets, you can use our Phoneline+

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Why now?

Neither ISDN and PSTN can meet the needs of today’s demand for faster and larger data connections. Moving to VoIP now will not only modernise your communications network but will future-proof you against the upcoming UK-wide switch-off of PSTN and ISDN lines. The Big PSTN and ISDN switch off – what does it mean for you?

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Why use Trustmarque for voice solutions?

Our voice network services team has over 20 years and take a customer-centric approach to solution design. Our consultants work with you to understand your priorities and design solutions, from a range of options, to achieve your desired outcome.

We were awarded the Gamma Telecom Direct Routing Partner of the Year Award in 2021 and 2022.

It’s coming

Get ready for the BT Openreach PTSN and ISDN switch-off.

Make the switch